Dedicated Bare Metal Servers

Dedicated bare metal servers - Bare metal technology provides the same features as a dedicated server, with several upgraded functions
Dedicated bare metal servers

Dedicated bare metal servers - These days, there are tons of hosting options that you can use. Starting from WordPress hosting, conventional web hosting, cloud VPS, to bare metal and dedicated servers. Each hosting service has its own advantages and disadvantages, to choose the right service you have to adjust it to your needs.

Previously, dedicated servers were the only option for large companies and e-commerce to manage their websites and applications. However, along with the development of cloud technology, now you can also use dedicated bare metal servers for the same purposes as a dedicated server. Bare metal as an alternative server service option has become very popular recently.

Even though in terms of price they don't differ much, many have switched to dedicated bare metal servers because of the various conveniences it offers. However, before choosing a server service that is suitable for your business, you should first compare the advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will compare dedicated bare metal servers vs dedicated servers so you don't choose the wrong one.

What is dedicated bare metal servers?

Bare metal servers are a new technology that has become a hot topic of discussion in the web hosting field. Just like a dedicated server, this technology also allows you to use all server resources alone. Bare metal also doesn't need a hypervisor to manage its resources.

Bare metal technology provides the same features as a dedicated server, with several upgraded functions so server performance can be better at a lower cost. You can manage servers of this type via the cloud, without having to install directly on the physical server. Just like dedicated servers, bare metal is also usually used by large companies that require services with maximum performance.

What is Dedicated Server?

Dedicated servers are physical servers that can help you manage various applications and services, and are only occupied by one tenant. Unlike the usual web hosting which requires you to share resources with other parties, if you buy a dedicated server you will use the server alone.

Dedicated servers provide freedom of access to hardware and users will have full control over this. Usually, dedicated servers are used to manage websites with very large traffic, web applications, and all hosting needs and websites that require high levels of performance. Because a dedicated server provides optimal freedom and performance, this option has been one that has been used by large companies for a long time.

Dedicated bare metal servers vs Dedicated Server

Each service has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, for your consideration, we will provide several aspects that you can understand before choosing bare metal or dedicated server services.

1. Features

Dedicated server is a server that can give you full control over the hardware when using it. You can install any operating system and control all activities in it directly through the server hardware.

In managing a dedicated server, you use more physical servers. Therefore, changing several configurations such as RAM, storage, and others often takes up to a day.

Meanwhile, bare metal also offers the same functions and capabilities as a dedicated server. However, you can do all the configuration via the cloud. If using bare metal, maintaining the physical server is the responsibility of the provider. So, you don't have to spend time configuring things directly from the physical server. Because of this, the installation and configuration process on bare metal can take place quickly.

Even though bare metal is faster and easier for you to customize, a dedicated server is more flexible for those of you who need direct full access to the server. You can set anything on the server that you want. Dedicated servers are indeed more difficult for you to integrate into cloud networks, but this type of server is very suitable as a hosting choice for standard websites or applications that have very large traffic every day.

2. Performance

Comparing the performance of dedicated bare metal servers and dedicated servers is actually quite difficult. Because this depends on what you do with the server and how good the quality of service from the provider you use.

Dedicated servers are usually used to manage websites and web-based applications. Servers offered also vary in price, depending on the capacity of the server itself. Because it relies more on physical servers, the hardware that you can use is of course limited.

For example, you use the Dedicated Server 1 service with 2 x 1TB SAS storage space and 32GB RAM DDR4 virtual memory. If later your website grows and has more traffic than it currently has, then you need to upgrade so that your server can keep running optimally. For a dedicated server, it usually takes up to 1 x 24 hours to setup.

Meanwhile, dedicated bare metal servers which is a new technology is usually built with the most updated and newest hardware, thus giving you faster performance than conventional dedicated servers. In addition, the setup time needed for bare metal is only 5 minutes. This allows you to prepare servers quickly and practically.

Apart from that, bare metal is also good for the scalability of the website or application that you manage. Because of this, bare metal servers are perfect for use by growing companies or startups. The reason is because you can activate this one service at any time, it's flexible, it also offers maximum performance.

3. Price

Because it is not directly related to hardware, usually bare metal servers have cheaper price packages. Using a dedicated bare metal servers can even save IT costs for a company by up to around 48%.

When buying a dedicated server, you certainly need to allow for how much capacity is suitable for your website or application taking into account its future developments. Dedicated servers do not use a metered usage billing system, so you still have to pay in full no matter what you use.

Meanwhile, when using a bare metal service which is easier to install and configure, you can pay at any time as your website develops.
Thus the comparison of dedicated bare metal servers vs dedicated servers. Have you made a choice of services that are suitable for your business? Both bare metal servers and dedicated servers have their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, the most important thing is to adjust to your business needs first before buying. 

Hopefully this article is useful for those of you who want to try to use or add insight about these two server technologies.

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